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room size

Room Dimensions

When measuring the room the table will be placed in, take into account the other furniture in the room such as couches, tables, bars and audio visual equipment etc. Also allow enough room for walking around the table comfortably, as well as plenty of room for taking your shots!

Room Shape

Non-standard room sizes may create difficulties in putting a table in comfortably. If this is the case, please contact us so we can advise you on the best size table for your requirements.

Here are the recommended minimum room dimensions for various sized tables:

Table Size Room Dimensions

7' x 3'6"16' x 12'6" (4.9 x 3.8m)
8' x 4'17' x 13' (5.2 x 4.0m)
9' x 4'6"18' x 13'6" (5.5 x 4.1m)
10' x 5'20' x 15' (5.9 x 4.4m)
12' x 6'21' x 17' (6.5 x 5.1m)

Use of the table

When considering the size of the table for purchase, take into account the people who are going to be using the table. For example, children will not require the larger sized tables, and adults may find the smaller tables to be restrictive.