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table care

What to look for, Room Dimensions & Table Care

A billiard table is not only the centre of activity for a room, it is also a hand-crafted quality piece of furniture which may become a family heirloom. Such a major purchase requires careful consideration in a number of areas. Below are some of the factors to consider when buying a billiard table.


It is recommended that you buy a recognized quality brand which comes with comprehensive advisory, supplementary and after-sales services.


There can be a big difference in the quality of cushions between brands, and replacing the cushions after you get the table home and find they are substandard is a costly exercise. So ensure before you buy that the cushion response is lively and the ball deflects at a proper angle without jumping.

The Slates

The bed of the table should be made of slate. Get right under the table to inspect it and make sure that the slate is sitting firmly on the entire frame; this will ensure that the table remains level over the long term. There should be nothing between the slate and the table being used for levelling, such as chocks, which will only compensate for a non-level table over the short term.


Treated solid hardwood is required for long term quality games enjoyment as sub-standard wood such as composites will move over the years. The wood should also be stain-sealed to protect the table from humidity fluctuations, which can cause levelling problems. Quality tables do not use laminate, MDF or veneer finishes anywhere on the frame, sub-frame, legs or rails.

The Cloth

A fine quality cloth is essential for smooth movement of the ball.


The brackets should be made of metal, not plastic, and be covered with genuine leather to prevent damage to the balls. Check that the nets are not held in place with staples, which are not long-lasting.

Table Care


Do not use the table as a spare surface for storage. Keep all food, drinks and other liquids away from the cloth. When play is finished for the day, brush the cloth (the cloth is always brushed in the direction of the nap).


Do not use wood polishes or any cleaning sprays on the wooden parts of the table, just use a soft cotton cloth.

Levelling your table

Your table will remain level for a considerable period of time after the initial installation. If it is situated on a hard wood, concrete, tile, or slate floor then the table will not require any re levelling unless it has been moved. If your table was installed onto a carpeted floor then your table should be re levelled after it has settled firmly.


Store them vertically to prevent bowing. Use sandpaper on the cue tips before play to create a rough surface for the chalk.


Every few months wash the balls in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth; this will remove any handling marks and cue chalk.