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the brand

the tradition continues

the Aristocrat brand

Based in Melbourne, Aristocrat Billiards Pty Ltd have been manufacturing billiard tables for over 30 years. Aristocrat billiard tables are designed and manufactured by precision machinery and skilled billiard table makers with many years’ experience.

Aristocrat billiard tables are trademarked around the world and now sold in many parts of the world, because of the quality and high standards that we set for ourselves, we are proud of our products that bear our name and we hope that you will as well.

All the management and staff at aristocrat billiards(tm) have many years’ experience in the billiard table profession. From the experience of one of our directors from Australia and the many professionals that have worked with them from England and France, which was the beginning of the billiards industry.

Every component is taken into consideration for its individual quality, Fine west of English cloth, Indian brassware, perfectly machined slates, quality hand selected kiln dried timbers which are machined to perfection.

Using traditional cabinet maker’s joints, how all these components work and fit with one another to create a piece of art and traditional leisure equipment is our practice and passion.

Many billiard tables are made using materials based on price, like ply boards, MDF ,pines or cheaper hardwoods incorrectly kiln dried and Inferior cabinet making used to speed up the process of manufacturing which will only create a product that will not stand the test of time.

Aristocrat billiards are built to last more than 100 years.


Aristocrat Billiards have set rigorous quality control standards in our manufacturing process, and our experienced staff demand a high standard from our suppliers of cloth, slate, leather, brass and hand selected hardwood timbers that will make your quality billiard table.

All of our tables meet world rules specifications for the truest and most accurate play.

Before you purchase a billiard table, we recommend that you ensure all components such as the frame, sub-frame, legs and the rails are made from solid hardwood are not made from MDF (Medium Density Fibre) with a laminate or ply board veneer. MDF tables may have the look of solid hardwood, but they are a cheap substitute and this process is never used in quality billiard table or furniture construction.

Rails /cushions

Solid hardwood make up every part of our rails and hardwood is used in conjunction with quality rubber to make our cushions so the design and components deliver optimal ball response.

Our hardwood rails provide solid resistance to the ball and allow for precise cushion energy transference.

No nails or screws are used in our rail assembly process, only our 'aristocrat' lock system and glue is used.

We use old tradition billiard table making techniques for cloth assembly to the rails.


We pre-assemble our frame, which means that they have been levelled and squared in our factory. No laminate, MDF or veneer finishes are used in our frames, cushions or legs, everything seen and unseen is hardwood.

Our table frame construction consists of full frame depth cross member timbers and dove tail joints, this ensures structural integrity and in the middle of the frame we use tongue and groove systems for triangular timber that support the legs.

In addition our frame timbers have been stain sealed on the end grain, inside and outside to keep the timber from absorbing or losing moisture, thus making it less resistant to cracking. Sealer applied to the underside of the frame and all other timber components will prevent this shifting due to humidity fluctuations in different weather seasons.

The Slate

Billiard Table slate originates from three regions of the world these being Brazil (being the cheapest), the followed by China & finally the most traditional supplier being Italy. Slate mined in Brazil is also sent to Italy for cutting & machining and it is then packaged as 'Made in Italy' slate. Quality controlling the supplier and the machinery that they use is most important which is why our Quality Control staff visit our suppliers frequently.

Slate has different characteristics & compositions depending upon the source. We primarily utilise Italian slate but also utilise Chinese & Brazilian if selected by the client for their billiard table.

With over 6000 square meters of undercover manufacturing facilities and keeping pace with technological advancements and the companies policy of "quality, 'precision & tradition” Aristocrat Billiards Pty Ltd will soon take delivery of its first "kuka" tm robot.

This anthropomorphic robot can cut both vertical & inclined pockets, can smooth the pointed edges above & below the slate in order to avoid cutting the cloth when the table is covered. This robot can also produce any size of slate with pocket cut outs and speciality holes.

The legs

Our legs are made from all hardwood. Pieces of hardwood are laminated together and then turned on precision machinery. We have many different designed legs, from tradition turned to more square lined leg design. These square lined legs are assembled with traditional cabinet making techniques.

The hardware

All of our hardware, from bolts to brass brackets have been selected for their quality and design integration, as well as aesthetic appeal.

Cloth colours and variety

We have most cloth colours in stock or we can order it from our suppliers, we also have stock printed branded cloth with your favourite brand or can arrange for any corporate or private logo to be printed. We offer you a range of quality cloths options.

Cloth for billiard tables is manufactured in many countries around the world (mainly England, Mexico, Spain, China & Italy). As with the quality of slate there are also many grades & qualities of this cloth from each manufacturer.

English manufacturer 'Hainsworth' & 'Strachan' (owned by Milliken) are the most well known & the most popular cloths utilised in Australia; however there are other manufacturers who manufacture excellent quality cloth as well.

Table colours:

Our tables are machine sanded as well as hand-sanded, and stained in a choice of colours. For a final coat, we add a pre-catalysed lacquer which gives the table its beautiful showroom finish. You have a choice of natural, teak, walnut and dark walnut as well as final finish of matt, satin, semi gloss and gloss finishes are available. We can also colour match your table to suit your décor or a particular piece of furniture that you already have. Click here to see the cloth colours available.